View Page Gallery Posted on: March 1st 2022

An Exciting Journey...

North Brent School isn’t just an educational institution but rather a place where young people can develop into thoughtful and resourceful students who are ready to adapt to a constantly evolving society. It offers a rich and ambitious education to its students and ensures that they are always in a place where they feel safe. It is a supportive setting offering opportunities for students to explore and to clarify their thinking around their own beliefs and values; it encourages us to recognise and respond to individual and institutional prejudices both overt and subtle by giving us the education and tools to think deeply around the subjects. Our school isn’t one determined just by teachers and those higher up, but rather it is a school where pupils’ voices can be heard and can be translated into action. The school has high expectations of its students, not because it expects them to be perfect but rather because teachers know that they are able to achieve higher goals. Our school prioritises the well-being of its students and encourages them to independent. North Brent School wants to create strong voices and effective citizens who can shape communities and lives.