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Mission Statement

Our vision is to develop thoughtful and adaptive students in a constantly evolving society. We strive to create an environment in which students are encouraged to build upon the firm academic foundation provided and think creatively, exploring previously unchartered territories.

Our goal is to continue the tradition of excellence characterising our trust in an ever-changing world and provide a relevant and high-quality education, encouraging students to become enthusiastic lifelong learners.

We are committed to recognising the importance of communication and reading; to encouraging intellectual and social growth; to providing a safe, supportive setting offering opportunities for students to explore and to clarify their own beliefs and values and to recognise and respond to individual and institutional prejudices both overt and subtle.

We aim to prepare and motivate students to take risks and think and speak for themselves with confidence and passion. We want to instil in them honesty, loyalty, perseverance and compassion, and create strong voices in our future citizens.

Nothing But Success!