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Arrangements for September 2020

From September 2020, all pupils will be expected to return to school following a period of closure and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone again. All pupils will be expected to return to school and this page sets out some important information for all pupils and parents. 

As a reminder, pupils MUST NOT attend school if they or anyone in their household has symptoms of COVID-19. See the links below for further details. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the necessary safety measures that will be in place, the school will operate slightly differently to normal. The letter below was posted home on 31 July and contains details of the arrangements for the start of term. 

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER DETAILS FOR SEPTEMBER 2020 - sent to parents on 31 July 2020

We have also developed some pupil friendly guidance which explains all the changes we are making. Please do take time to read this carefully with your child. All pupils will be given a copy of this guidance on their first day and we will explain it in detail to them.